David Bryer, Founder, CFT/CSN/CLC


-David Bryer

Over the last 50 years of my life, I’ve experienced the luxury of living coast to coast from Carlsbad California to Stafford Virginia. My health and fitness journey started out with weight training in the 3rd grade working out in the basement with plastic, concrete filled DP weights. Obviously I had no idea what I was doing nor was I consistent, heck I was only 9. Thinking back to what started my passion for weightlifting and what motivated me, I can remember seeing a picture in a muscle magazine of a bodybuilder named Serge Nubret. Serge had the best aesthetics of any body builder in the 70s. I said to myself, I want to look like that guy.  At 16 I had a plan of only consistency and dedication at the Omaha Athletic Club. Because I didn’t have a membership to the club, I would sneak in with Dad's card, he didn’t use it anyway. Nothing was going to stop me from training.

Then at the age of 19, wanting to learn to do things the correct way, I traveled back to California, to the big city of LA, just to focus on weight training for a year.  Since then I’ve trained at some of the nicest clubs in the United States.  Through my trials and tribulations I learned what I needed to do to meet my goals.  And because of my love and passion I wanted to share my experience and help others with their health and fitness plans.  All of my experiences provided a roadmap that showed how to build the best personal training gym in the world with a private one on one personal training experience in mind.  And TotalFitness was born.  Since the opening of Total Fitness, equipment has changed out several times to improve the aesthetics of the human body but our core fundamentals of weight training have never changed.

Because I know nutrition plays a huge role in the success of building proper aesthetics and health, and the availability of all natural supplements and healthy food sources is limited, I first had to branch out and create my own protein isolate that is all natural and tastes great.  The awful taste from protein and the misconception that it’s bad for you wasn’t going to stop me.  My NaturalWHEY pure isolate protein from the dairy council is flavored with monk fruit and stevia in either vanilla or cocoa bean flavors.  Then I had to find the best chef in Omaha to create healthy meals.  Instead of focusing on one category when making these meals, I looked at every facet including counting your macros, keeping your body in ketosis, and building lean muscle with the proper amount of protein.  An almost impossible task. Make meals taste good out of vegetables and lean meat only…Buffalo Wings?  We did it.

So after 18 years of business, I have completed the DAVID BRYER Life Style Collection.  From the time you walk into the front doors of the café and head back into the TotalFitness space, you will notice how the luxurious design of the place expresses the amount of passion we have for your health and beauty.  We are now an all-inclusive health club!

Quote from a member:

“The detail that they put into the club, the design and the cleanliness expresses how much they care about my results and my health.”

My experience with exercise began in my teens as a weight lifter in the late 80’s, transitioned to strength Personal Trainer and nutritionist in my 20s and 30s, and now in my late 40s I am living proof that this lifestyle provides anti-aging and hormone regulation. Clients are the key to my success and the results they achieve. I have assisted in the most extreme of makeovers including 130 pound weight losses and massive muscle gains.

Over the years I have learned that although I provide the cleanest and most current studio, top of the line equipment, and well produced and received programs, they alone are not enough. A trainer must also care about their clients which entails listening, showing empathy and motivating them to get results. And just like I’ve held up the walls of my building, when life’s pitfalls get in your way I will pave the path to ensure you are a success as your life coach.