Tara Brakke

“When I started at TotalFitness I was about 8 months out from my rotator cuff surgery and about 3 months from a health scare. I have always been a die-hard exercise enthusiast and have beat myself up in the gym from the time I started gymnastics as a child. I ran hard on the treadmill and lifted even harder as an adult. I was motivated and rarely had trouble finding time to go to the gym even if that meant 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. But after surgery and trying to keep up with three boys who were all busy in sports and school, along with a full time career as a cardiac anesthesiologist, I was struggling to find the energy or the desire to get to the gym. I had plenty of excuses and very little motivation. I was in a rut.

My husband had been working with Michelle for about a year when he finally convinced me I should meet with her. I’m so glad he did. Michelle is fantastic. She is accommodating regarding my schedule. She is motivating and supportive all at the same time. She is knowledgeable and she is especially great to chat with when you are working up a sweat.

I don’t beat myself up in the gym anymore and yet, I have reshaped my body with the workouts and the nutrition plan. I used to try to compensate for a less than fantastic diet with challenging workouts. TotalFitness allows a balanced approach that allows less injury and more results. The Cafe Barbell meal plan is simple and allows me to follow it even if I’m at the hospital or traveling for work, sports, or for fun. The DAVID BRYER Life Style Collection is exactly what I needed and I would recommend Dave and Michelle to anyone interested in achieving their fitness goals.”

– Tara Brakke