Emma Coenen

Emma just finished our yearly photo shoot where she revealed her 50 pound weight loss!!

“I came to Dave feeling my worst, my whole life I played sports so I was used to someone telling me how to work out and what to eat. After college, my diet was horrible and my exercise was nonexistent. That’s when Dave stepped in and changed my whole life. I told Dave what my goal was and he knew exactly what to do just based off my body type. Within weeks I was dropping pounds and keeping them off, even during the holidays! Dave has taught me so much about what my body can handle and the importance of staying on track. The 2019 me would have never thought I would be here today, getting closer to my goal! Dave and Michelle are not only there to help you reach your goals, but also to be your friend and make sure you are living your best life. I am forever grateful for the both of them and Total Fitness.”

– Emma Coenen