Personal Training

Based on your specific body type and skill level we will devise a weight and cardiovascular training program to assist in reaching your potential. The accompanied personal training sessions will then be scheduled with your trainer.

The one-on-one private personal training sessions with your trainer enable your trainer to focus on you specifically with no interruptions. Additionally, the privacy allows for fast paced training which helps increase the heart rate and allows for flexibility to split train (aka superset training whereas you move quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise). This environment is conducive for maximum results.

We understand the importance of training safely, therefore push you to fatigue but avoid injuries and subsequent setbacks. You will be spotted at every machine and through every exercise in order to ensure proper form on targeted muscle groups only. Your weights will be loaded for you for proper resistance and as your skill level increases so will your set challenges.

The motivation necessary for your success begins when you commit to changing your lifestyle including strength training. Your personal trainer will continue to inspire you so that your motivation continues. You will be held accountable to achievable short term goals and will be given progress reports (tracking system provided) for reference and reflection.