Nutrition Counseling

Regardless of your goal, nutrition plays a big role in achieving success whereas it’s a key component in changing metabolism, providing optimum protein, nutrients and vitamins, and natural energy. Initially, we will take you beyond simply counting calories and will teach you how to look at foods as they should be; FUEL. We will explain your need for proteins and how to balance carbohydrates so when they break down into sugars they don’t store as fat.

You will understand what time, quality, and quantity of foods you should have in your personalized nutrition plan as your selections will be clearly mapped, prioritized, and ranked. You will be given a venue spreadsheet that contains many restaurants and the menu options we approve of.

All of the information above will be sent to the mobile device of your choice to ensure ease of accessibility. This will assist you in your food journal submission. Based on the outcome of your progress reports (tracking system provided) adjustments may be made to your nutrition plan.