No Cost Consult

In order for you to fully understand our facility and what we can do for you we recommend scheduling a brief consultation that includes introduction, tour, and will give both you and one of the owners a chance to exchange questions and answers.

Initially, we walk you through the day in the life of a member. Show you how they enter, where their private bath/shower/locker is located, where they complete their cardio, and give an overview of the weight training floor (with hands on demonstration of what a weight training regimen entails).

Upon completion we provide a digital tutorial that shows, at a high level, sample nutrition and workout plans. Dependent upon your current body type and what you express your ideals are we give our professional recommendations on a program that will produce results. And if requested we can show you another member’s progress from beginning to end.

All is of no cost or obligation to you and generally takes approximately 30-45 minutes.