Life Coaching

As your Life Coach (in addition to being your Personal Trainer and Nutritionist) we will give you guidance in navigating the significant life change that comes with your commitment to overall wellness. With life’s distractions and unforeseen detours we walk with you to support you staying the course toward your goals to help build healthy permanent habits. We will bridge the gap between your current circumstances and desired outcome; understanding there will be cross over from fitness and food to family, finances, faith and fun (even fashion). As questions arise, for example,

TRAVEL: What can I eat out? How can I work out with limited equipment at a hotel?

SHOPPING: What groceries should I buy? Where do I get the best prices?

FAMILY: What are good options for cooking for the entire family?

ENTERTAINMENT: Do I decline the food and drink offered? What’s my best choice?

LEISURE: Should I do extra cardio; walk more?

In session, during workouts in studio, you have opportunity to communicate questions about program/plan, concerns, aspirations to incorporate wellness into your daily routine. Connections can also be made over coffee Café or in one of our office suites. In prioritizing your well-being, balance and time management are key to moving forward and sustaining long term results. At times you may need to be reminded of your commitment, reassured of your ability and redirected to restart ‘drive’.

Our being well educated and experienced as Life Coach-Personal Trainer-Nutritionist means you will be well equipped inside and outside of the gym. A healthy mind-body-soul is our goal!