Q : What kind of commitment do I have to make?
A : In order to establish healthy habits we strongly recommend a six-month minimum commitment to your life & style upgrade! The first 12-weeks are challenging and educational (becoming familiar with session and food schedule) and the weeks that follow are those where true body transformation solidifies.

Q : How many times a week do I train and for how long?
A : All members are scheduled with their personal trainer three times per week. This 45 minute session includes weight and cardio training.

Q : How much do sessions cost?
A : Dependent on duration recommended per your goals and abilities sessions are between $29 and $32 each. That said your package extends beyond personal training sessions whereas your nutrition counseling and life coaching services are included at no cost. Monthly studio fee is waived for all members. See additional package pricing details.

Q : Will I have the same personal trainer at every session?
A: Yes! The bond between trainer (nutritionist and coach) and client is imperative in building trust including but not limited to regime, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, goals and aspirations inside and outside of gym. That said our team of experts is always open to another’s niche in order to benefit a member…a dream team of sorts. Meet the Personal Trainers.

Q : Why do I need a personal trainer?
A : Clients come to us from many walks. Some are in need of physical therapy, some desire weight loss, while others want muscle gains. Regardless of the interest, a certified personal trainer is your best quickest and most educated means of achieving your goals. A synergized partnership between professional and willing participant in grounds for life changing transformation and testimonial. We pride ourselves and our studio in being your home away from home; better yet your get away to greatness!! See more about Personal Training inclusions.

Q : What kind of results can I expect?
A : If we are speaking measureable, no matter your demo (age, sex, etc) following the lead and advice of your personal trainer (nutritionist and coach) to the tee you should expect a 2-3 lb. weight loss avg per week. That combined with decreased body fat as you gain muscle is what makes for visual transformation. That said the immeasurable is what sometimes counts for even more. We’ve witnessed similar interior qualifiers (cardiac, confidence, calmness) as changes to the exterior become undeniable. Countless members have made impressive LIFE advances after working with us. What started in the studio now stretches throughout their daily routine and their futures are limitless because of our collaborative! See Success Stories.

Q : How does Café Barbell partner with TotalFitness and what does that mean for members?
A : The DAVID BRYER Life Style Collection includes the ‘og’ TotalFitness as well as its complimentary companies, Café Barbell & NaturalWHEY protein line. Menus for the ~eatery (weekly private chef meal preparation services)~drinkery~creamery are optional and ordered ala carte to your service package. An account can be kept on file for weekly transactions (similar to that of country club memberships). See more of Café offerings.