Café Barbell


Café Barbell’s cuisine is devised of the correct balance of protein, carbs and fat to better your health and aesthetics.  Our entrées are hand made with no preservatives or starches, no gluten or dairy and all contain the freshest, never frozen, meats and vegetables.  All recipes are made to complement TotalFitness’ nutrition plan.  Each meal is packaged for a quick heat and eat on the go.  We also offer drinks and desserts (smoothies, blenders and ice cream) made with our NaturalWHEY protein, mixed with fresh fruit and SteviaSELECT premium flavor extract blends.  SteviaSELECT 100% organic stevia extract powder is our staple sugar replacement with no fillers or additives.

EAT LIKE A TRAINER: Our intention with what we offer is that each customer is given all-inclusive options to eat like a trainer. Similar to sharing a meal at our home we offer meals at our gym.  We have partnered with an incredibly creative and talented chef to prepare what we eat…combining personal trainer and sports nutrition precision with food artistry.  And what do our customers think?  Game changer.

NUTRITION PLAN INCLUDED: Not only do we offer customized meals each comes with a nutrition plan so that you understand the purpose and proportions of each meal as well as options for the equally important intervals in between.  This high level outline provides specifics on not just what you should consume but when and our staff will explain why.  It’s one thing to attempt eating healthy, but its life changing when formulated by a trainer and produces results.

All meals are packaged and stocked for daily purchase or stackable for a weeks worth.