Potato Shape

Potato Shape Body Type

People with POTATO SHAPE body types carry their body fat throughout their entire body. As we age, natural hormones decrease at a higher rate because of insufficient nutrients and lack of muscle building exercise. This body type can appear early on but more than likely later in life.

People with this body type are generally characterized as ‘big boned’. Though that is sometimes the case, the difference can only account for an additional 2% of body weight. Additionally it is assumed that they carry too much muscle already therefore avoid strength training all together and just reduce their caloric intake in order to reduce overall body mass. A body fat analysis could determine otherwise.

The goal is to follow a nutrition plan that is not centered around calorie reduction rather a balanced diet that includes the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in combination with strength training (therefore eliminating muscle loss and correcting hormone deficiencies) in order change your overall body composition.

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