Our All-Inclusive family operated training resort, run by Dave and Michelle Bryer offers Personal Training in Omaha, NE including Sports Nutrition and Life Coaching services as well as healthy entrees, smoothie bar and NaturalWHEY supplements.

Our family is here to serve you to help you live your healthiest life! For your Personal Training we will be with you one-on-one ensuring each exercise is done with proper form, intensity and motivation! All of which are imperative with isolation training in order to improve your overall aesthetics. You will be directed through a cardio routine that will accelerate your heart rate; making lungs work harder which strengthens heart and lungs safely and healthfully. As your Sports Nutritionists we will prescribe you a plan that works with your exercise regime and will target three important areas: muscle production, body fat loss and internal and external health; also regulating better energy and hormones. As your Life Coach you will be supported in all areas of wellness and given tips and advice from a training team that have truly lived the DAVID BRYER Life Style for a combined 69 years. Make our proven program, successful for dual decades, a part of your health and fitness. We welcome YOU to our fitness family.